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Valentine’s Day is Approaching…

I love The Walking Dead marathons. The last few days of December, I was so grateful to turn on AMC and catch glimpses of episodes in between loading the dishwasher and dodging the multitude of commercials. My favorite scene (actually, it’s several scenes…) in TWD is in the last episode of season 4 when Rick, in an aggressive last resort move to stop a desperately bad situation which includes Daryl Dixon being beaten to death and Carl on the verge of being sodomized, bites a guys jugular in a manner that would seriously impress the Salvatore brothers. When I described the scene to my husband (who incidentally has never seen The Walking Dead), and prefaced my description by clarifying that it is truly my favorite scene in TWD, he looked at me with a blank stare before stating, “I don’t get it,” like he had missed the punch line or something. Then I attempted to explain; “It’s not the violence I’m focusing on. It’s the desperation that Rick is feeling. He’s desperate. He’s watching his son being assaulted and his best friend being beaten to death, and he does the unimaginable to save them. Wouldn’t you do that for your child…or me?” The blank stare was now morphing into more of a “you’re scaring me” type of suspicious glare.

This Valentines Day, I have a date with the Dead. We fans are all experiencing a hiatus from TWD, and I’m finding those AMC television flashes forecasting disaster in the second half of the season a bit disturbing. Is The Walking Dead becoming a remake of Apocalypse Now? It certainly seems to be floating deep down into The Heart of Darkness. And that guy who says that everything that belongs to everyone else, now belongs to Negan, well he reminds me of Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now, and Negan sure seems to be a reincarnation of Kurtz (Marlon Brando). And I think we can all recognize a bit of Martin Sheen’s character in Rick.

I’m worried. In the almost subliminal previews of the second half of season 6, Maggie screams out Glenn’s name and she is clearly terrified. Something bad is happening to Glenn. I don’t think I can take another possible bad thing happening to Glenn. We almost lost him earlier in the season and we all shouted “hallelujah!” when he seemed to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. And don’t forget his narrow escape in the first episode of Season 5 when he was next in line to have his throat slit over a large stainless steal sink! Please, TWD writers and producers, let Glenn dodge another metaphorical bullet (or Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped club). At least spare him for Valentines Day. But being Valentine’s Day, well, it makes me worry even more. Those individuals behind the television series of The Walking Dead have proven themselves to be clever people. The name Valentine comes from the word ‘valens’, meaning strong or worthy, adjectives that could definitely be used to describe Glenn. In the short version of the story, St. Valentine was sentenced to death by Claudius the Second, and (brace yourself) was CLUBBED and then beheaded. It does make one think. But would the writers/producers do that to us? On Valentine’s Day? I think not. For one thing, it’s too soon for Glenn to meet his end via Negan, since Negan hasn’t even been formally introduced yet. But there are still several episodes left in the second half of the season and I fear we will have to say goodbye to someone. I vote for a farewell to Negan. I haven’t even met the guy and I already loathe him. In any case, being Valentine’s Day, I would love to see Daryl Cupid Dixon take his bow and arrow and shoot it straight through the heart of someone really bad and evil. Wouldn’t you?





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