Well, well, well. Eeeny meeny miney mo will never again summon the same childhood memory of innocently selecting a person or thing for some non challant random purpose. And then there was that eerie whistle used by the Saviors…a little too similar to Close Encounters…haunting. I’m only just now able to type something regarding last night’s episode because my hands have finally stopped shaking. Most of us knew it was coming. And I think it’s safe to assume that we all knew that Negan was bad, bad, BAD news.  Eeny, meeny, miney, mo…. BAD! But I have to be honest; I underestimated the impact that the 6th Season’s 90 minute finale would have on me. It was intensely anxiety provoking, from seeing Carol come completely unraveled, to watching roadblock after roadblock after roadblock of Saviors, to the final drawn out scene leading up to the lethal swing (actually more like sledge hammer blow) of Lucille, crushing down on “someone’s” skull…again, and again, and again.  The sound effects made my stomach wretch and left me with PTSD.

Hashtag: WhoIsIt? In the comic series, Glenn meets his end from Lucille and Negan. But as we know, the television series doesn’t always follow the graphic novel. I don’t think we the viewer will be able to glean any information on who died from watching the scene over and over again. TWD production is too sophisticated to let that happen in the finale. They want us to yearn for Season 7 Episode 1. But I just can’t help but speculate. And in speculating, I can’t help but worry….seriously worry. #WhoIsIt? I’ll eliminate Rick Grimes, because the show truly can’t go on without him. He is really the only one I can actually eliminate with confidence. And as much as I’d like to emphatically eliminate Daryl Dixon from being the victim of Negan’s pay back, I can’t do it with 100% confidence. First off, Norman Reedus was a guest with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, on The Talking Dead. There does seem to be a pattern of inviting deceased characters on that talk show. On top of it, Norman Reedus is starring in a new AMC summer series featuring himself touring around the U.S. on a motorcycle. Makes me suspicious.

Michonne: Much as I feel the show can’t live without her and the fact that they need a strong female character now that Carol is falling to pieces, Rick hasn’t had very good luck with longevity of love interests…Hopefully, for Michonne’s sake, third times a charm.

Carl: While it doesn’t seem like Negan is a fan of kids, I just can’t accept that fate for Carl.  And Neegan did say, right before he slammed Lucille down on someone’s head, that if anyone moved, to take out the kid’s other eye and feed it to his father, which I think pretty clearly indicates that Carl and Rick were “not it”.

Maggie: If we look through the lens of the comic book series, Maggie would be one of the least likely candidates to butt heads with Lucille. But then if the television series wanted to do a 180 degree turn from the comic series, it would make her the victim.

The remaining quintet of Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Aaron and Eugene could all indeed be possible victims of Negan’s sadistic behavior. Initially, when Negan began his taunt with Lucille, it was clear that Abraham was ready to lay on the grenade for his friends. He postured. But Negan didn’t seem interested in Abraham’s self sacrifice. Negan seems calculating enough to slaughter a lamb…someone innocent…someone unlikely…someone that will suffer just a tad more, while making everyone else watch.

And that frightens me. I fear it in my bones that it might be one of the cherished long term characters who I’ve grown to know and love over 6 seasons…someone I feel we can’t live without within the context of The Walking Dead. #WhoIsIt? Eeny, meeny, miny, mo…. Like Negan, “I simply cannot decide.”,,, I can’t decide.

The 6th Season Finale ended in a grand cliff hanger. Which is a good indicator that Episode 1 of Season 7 will open spectacularly. Not in fireworks fashion, but with intense emotions. We can breathe, we can blink, we can cry. But please, God, we can’t mourn Daryl Dixon.